Compliance is More than an Audit

Audits are the main tool compliance managers use to ensure compliance. Is a quarterly or yearly audit enough to ensure everyone is following principles set? In environmental compliance for example,  we often see months of illegal dumping on building sites, sending waste to unscrupulous recyclers or polluting air due to faulty equipment before it is identified through an audit.

The other issue audits brings is that often it is not acted upon. In many cases audit processes are put in as a way to enforce compliance but lack a corrective action process to deal with issues identified. It is what we call phantom audits. Done for the sole purpose to cover the company of wrongdoing.

Compliance Let's Do it Better, It Makes all our Lives Safer

As you can gather from the title we have defined a new way to ensure compliance –  Continuous Auditing. Instead of auditing once a quarter or once a year, why not continuously audit that processes are adhered to. This does not entail hiring more inspectors, the opposite. Continuous auditing entails everyone in the organisation and every partner you work with. Done through track and tracing every step of the process, no matter if it is environmental, health & safety or proof of service. Using modern New-Avenue Compliance Smart Tags that can be implemented without impeding on productivity.

Track & Trace for Continuous Auditing

Next time you see a bathroom checklist, check and you will see that staff has the super power to clean in the future. Relying on an audit to catch this practice is an option but with a simple New-Avenue Compliance Smart Tag you can ensure proper cleanliness. You hang a small smart tag anywhere in the room and ask the staff member to scan it every time they clean it. That is it, no more future cleaning, no more filling in the form after the fact. 

Using track & trace you are performing audits continuously, that is the future of compliance and it is possible now

As always we at New-Avenue are here to help.

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