Compliance in a World Without an Office

2020 saw an end for the office for a lot of us. New-Avenue and many other technology companies even made the decision to fully close the office and save hundreds of thousands in rent. The decision to move all staff to work remotely, forever, does not mean there is no need for compliance.

Our experience is that a lot of a company’s compliance work just moves from a centric office role to a remote role. A role that requires the proper cloud technology to manage correctly. Take for example desks. Working from home does not mean sitting on a bar stool at the breakfast counter. It is the Health & Safety compliance officers’ job to ensure desk compliance, for the same reason, to avoid long term injury. Instead of a walk around in the office, this compliance task has now become a remote compliance job. This can be done remotely through an employee desk survey and/or video conferencing calls.

With the move to remote working for all or most staff, compliance is still important. The difference is how it is done and we at New-Avenue can help you with that transition. Our smart compliance tags and compliance forms allow you to ensure compliance without having to be there in person.

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