Proof of Service using Smart NFC Tags

In the post Covid world, there will be nothing more important than Proof of Service. We will all be under more scrutiny than ever to make sure that all health and safety policies are actually implemented. Ensuring the health and safety of staff, contractors and visitors on site will gain intensive attention from all interested parties. And having the right policy in place will no longer be enough.

Create Trust

It the world of compliance, whether it is compliance with external regulations or internal policies, ensuring the right people do the right things at the right time in the interest of everyone’s health and safety, will fully revert to the forefront of everybody’s mind. It is about trusting each other, as employers, employees, customers or staff. It is about trusting that we are all as individuals doing our part to assure the basis of that trust.

Checklist for Comfort

But the Facility Manager, operating with more intensive demands than ever, knows trust can only go so far. And trust must be backed up with proof – proof of policy implementation in the form of zone appropriate, paperless checklists with full and instant digital tracking of who did what, where and when. We must prove that the trust we all have to share, is warranted.

One simple and low cost way of doing this is through Smart Tags and Digital Checklists to ensure the move from policy documents, trust and random checks to a robust Proof of Service.

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