Technology to Help Implement Return to Work Safely Compliance

You could think that because we are going through unprecedented times that life is never going to be the same again. I can assure you that this is just a phase and we will get through it. Especially with a little help from technology.


When life changing events like this happen I always, as is my nature, look at how technology can help. Google and Apple have done the same and are building technology into our phones that will help society. In this article I will go through some of the technology you can use in Ireland to help implement the government’s Return to Work Protocols.


Pre-Return to Work Checklist

The first thing the Irish government is asking us to do is to get all staff members and visitors to the workplace to fill out a Return to Work Checklist. Questions like “Do you have symptoms of cough, fever, high temperature in the past 14 days?” need to feature on the checklist. Whether it is government mandate or just common practice, you will need a pre-return checklist filled out by every employee. I would go even further and use this checklist to check in with the employee on a regular basis even if they work from home.

To avoid flooding HR with a mountain of paper documents and avoid a nightmare of tracing who has and has not returned the form, I would recommend moving to a Smart Checklist Software. Create an online form you can distribute to all the staff to be filled out before coming back to work. Security can then check at the door if the Pre-Return form has been completed to allow access to the building.


Temperature Testing

One of the recommendations by the Irish government is to check people’s temperature before they enter the building. The protocol is that you need to refuse entry if someone is showing a high temperature. You basically need to send them home with an informative Covid19 recommendation letter. You cannot, and I stress you cannot write down the person’s name, not even on a post-it note.


It is not because we are living with an epidemic that GDPR rules do not apply. You cannot record medical data in any way or form without good reason and prior consent.


This protocol is easy to solve with technology as there are many gadgets to test somebody’s temperature. Visit and search for contactless infrared thermometers and you will find many options ranging from €10 up to €50. It is easy to use and something security can use to check staff before they enter the building.

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