Why Every Company Needs To Become an IT company

If 2020 thought us anything is that every business needs to become tech company. No matter how big or small or what industry you are in, you will have to become a digital marvel. Every part of your business is going online, from selling, workflow, payments to getting feedback from customers.

Cleaners Becoming IT Marvels

New-Avenue is helping cleaning companies become digital marvels. An industry you could think would be safe from technology. The opposite is the case. Facility managers want proof of service. They want to ensure that the contracts they give are adhered too and therefore are demanding more real-time reports. New-Avenue has done this by implementing NFC smart tags, where the facility management team in hospitals use smart phones to scan the smart tag at each room and indicate that they have performed certain cleaning tasks. This give the facility manager a real-time view of what was done, when, where and by whom. Inspectors then use mobile phones to spot-check if the work is done to a satisfactory level.

Baristas Becoming IT Marvels

Your Latte order has also become a digitalised experience. The days you ordered a coffee and dropped your cash are gone. The whole process can now and is now being digitalised. In some establishments you can now order your favourite coffee through a web app. A service you learned about from an online marketing campaign on Instagram. That brings you to an app that immediately takes the payment for anything your order without having to queue.

The barista receives the order on their terminal and prepares your order. Once ready, they indicate on the terminal that the order can be collected. You receive that notification on your mobile and can collect your order.

When you pick up your order, you scan a smart tag at the coffee shop and the barista is notified you are the rightful owner of that wonderful smalling Latte. The barista logs that the order has been collected and another stamp is added to your digital reward card.

Businesses are slowly turning into IT businesses but often it is non conjoined experience with each part having their own IT solution. New-Avenue helps business weave this all together into a pleasant customer experience.

Yes, Also Your Business

Do not think that your business can escape the digitisation of society. Your customer is so it is a matter of join them or lose them. Everything is going online, and I know this can be hard to hear, but change is coming. That is why we are here; we have helped companies for over 17+ years to become digital marvels. Contact us and we can have a quick chat and see if there is anything we can do to turn your company into a digital marvel.

You can find us on newavenue.ie 

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